Monday, 29 October 2007

Ma's Reversing

Hey guys,

Today I'm gonna show you a really cool challenge site - Ma's Reversing at

This is one of the very first challenge sites on the Internet. There are a total of 28 riddles and you have to solve them sequentially. After solving the riddle you can see the solutions to it and discuss about it in the next riddle forum.

The riddles cover many aspects of the computer world, from steganography, cryptography, to reversing. While solving the riddles, you feel like being drowned into the long history of computing. And there's always something to learn from them.

The site owner, Malatia, has been inactive for quite a while. But thanks to the educative and challenging riddles, the site is still alive :)

The site is available for free, but only to those who deserve it. Everyone needs to pass a qualifying riddle in order to become a member. But don't worry, just put some effort into it and the sesame will open for you :)


Anonymous said...

How far did you get? I'm stuck at 4 so far...

quangntenemy said...

I've been stuck on level 15 for a few years