Thursday, 25 October 2007


Hey guys,

I would like to introduce Arcanum, one of the very first challenge sites I played.

The site was located at, but unfortunately it is now down since the domain expired. The Arcanum enthusiasts are still idling on #arcanum at flamecruiser is trying to revive it so maybe one day it will be back again :)

Arcanum tests your skills in 4 different categories: logic, programming, encryption and unknown. There are 6 levels of difficulty. You have to pass all challenges at a level to advance to the next one.

When I joined Arcanum, as a beginner, the challenges were really interesting and educational. With basic computer knowledge and a little bit of research, I was able to solve all the challenges and ended up in rank #147.

The only bad thing about Arcanum was that there were not many challenges, and they weren't too hard. A challenger like me probably would only stay until he has solved all the challs and move onto the next one.

Update: Thanks to Whiteboy the site is up again at Check it out!

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Anonymous said...


Unfortunately the site is down, too. Do you know if is there another address?