Monday, 4 August 2008

Farewell to Scortile

Our fellow challenger, Scortile, passed away last month in a car accident, at a young age of 23. The sad news was delivered to Gizmore by his brother. An article of the accident is available here:

Scortile had been around in the challenger world since 2003. He was active in many popular challenge sites, among which are TheBlackSheep, HackQuest, Rankk, and of course WeChall. He was especially skillful in cracking, with 63.46% crackits solved at TBS. And he is currently holding the record of achieving the quality of 82% for fuzzy fingerprinting attack against an SSH private key, as part of a challenge at WeChall.

It was just a year ago that Scortile expressed his desire to compete with rhican and pvcuong on the race to the top. But now he's gone. Forever.

Farewell to him! May he rest in peace!


Anonymous said...

This news deeply saddens me.

I've known scortile for a long time, and although we didn't keep very close contact lately, he will be seriously missed.

His reverse engineering skill is probably best honored by looking at this stat , He took a lot of pride in solving those.

I learned a lot from you Daan, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Scortile,
I will never forgot the moment we met at the Net-force meeting. I liked you very much and and it saddens me that you had this accident. Farewell


Anonymous said...


I remember us playing some multiplayer games and talking over msn. And ofcourse the meeting.

I have been really deeply shocked. Rest in peace. I feel terrible.