Friday, 21 March 2008

Hacking school

Most challenge sites have a ranking, where people can compare themselves with other challengers. It is a great source of motivation, but also on the other hand, the root of all evil. Many people have been competing dishonestly by trading solutions, begging for hints and cheating. A true challenger would not want to see that other side of the challenger world. And as a result, a group of topgamers, among which relee, rayden5, bb and chrisi, worked together and finished a cool project - the hacking school.

The main purpose of the hacking school was to create an educational challenge site where people can learn and grow their skills, and especially, cheating and solution trading are prevented. The challenges are reviewed by the "group leaders" for quality assurance, so that only good ones are published. The solutions are different for each user, and all solution attempts are monitored, so that "swapping answers" will not work.

Hacking school was built over 2 years, but in the end for an unknown reason only a framework was released. The framework was hosted at, but for an unknown reason it is down for now. You can still have an overview of the site from the Wayback Machine, and if you want a copy of the framework, feel free to contact me.


ozehka said...

Yup. It's a pity that hacking school got down.

jehv said...

yup :) does someone make a backup of this project looks cool ^^ .