Saturday, 15 December 2007

The future of challenging and authentication?

Guys, do you play at too many challenge sites like me?

If so, possibly you have encountered the same problem. Although I know the risk of using the same password for many accounts, as a human, I still can't overcome it. And as a result I had to change dozens of passwords last month when someone hacked HellBound Hackers and stole the password database, although I was pretty sure that it would take years for him to crack my password.

There are many password-manager software out there that try to give a solution to this problem, but they are insecure and inconvenient. You will still have to bring some data file from them with you to be able to log in from another computer. Even the implementation by Bruce Schneier the security guru still can't solve this problem completely.

Another solution to this problem is using online password managers. But as Internet security is bad these days, and privacy is just an enchanted word, I don't trust those so much.

Yesterday I stumbled upon OpenID, yet another solution for easy authentication. The idea is that you can use the same OpenID to authenticate on multiple websites. Being gradually supported by some big organizations, I guess OpenID will become popular for social networks soon. But surely it still lacks some trivial features for challenging.

So, which additional features do we need for OpenChallengerID? An universal user profile and ranking system. They are being developed under a new project that I, Gizmore and Inferno are working on. The project was original named WeChall, then changed to Challengers, but it's still not the official codename yet. And the project is still at the early stage of development. If you have any idea/suggestion feel free to contact us.

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