Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Steganabara explained

Hey guys,

Finally I defeated my laziness and created a project page for Steganabara. You can access it from here.

Also included an explanation of the key features: Bit Mask Filter, Color Map Filter, Color Explorer, Histogram and Color Table.

And now a demonstration of the Bit Mask Filter, applying on StenographyOriginal.png, from the wikipedia page about steganography


Sphinx said...

Wow, looks cool!

Gizmore said...

Very nice post quangntenemy, the demonstration is very impressive and, as noob as i am, immediately tried that with the picture myself.
Also the project page is quite informative.

There is really a cat hidden in the picture.

xyberz09 said...

Unbelievably cool! Quangntenemy did a great job programming the tool!

Gr1g0ry said...

Nice idea to select/show pixel layers with checkboxes.